Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finally...a few answers...

sharon, pa - after many weeks of investigations, there is still not an official answer to the happenings that have occurred at ghoul mansion. over the past few weeks, strange things have been seen and heard inside the haunted attraction, which is gearing up construction in order to open for the halloween season, starting october 1st. there has been a figure seen roaming the halls that appears to be a women. you can hear her mumbling. the only thing we can make out is that her name is lena. research is being done now to learn more about this mysterious figure called lena. check back soon for more information!

The investigation continues...

sharon, pa - ghoul mansion opened up their doors to detectives just a few weeks ago. as stated before, a 911 call had been made from ghoul mansion stating a grave had been dug up. but what is strange is phone service is disconnected during our off season. evidence has been collected and many photos were taken. although ghoul mansion management was not permitted in, detectives did release these few photos to us.

detectives and ghoul mansion are working day and night on the case to get to the bottom of this. as the halloween season approaches ghoul mansion crosses their fingers that the case will be completed by opening night, october 1st.

Breaking News!

sharon, pa - an unknown grave seems to have been dug up at oakwood cemetery in sharon, pa over the weekend. detectives don't know who or what has done it or why, but are considering this an open investigation.

oddly enough, there is rumor that the 911 call about the dug up grave originated from ghoul mansion, the terrifying haunted house in sharon. management from ghoul mansion says that it is impossible that the call came from their property as there is no phone service during the offseason. one of their managers has agreed to check out the property "just to make sure".

more information will be provided as it becomes available.

Friday, November 14, 2008

We're ready for 09' !!!


Well, our 2008 season was alot of fun! Thank you to all customers
and monsters for a great year! We really hope you enjoyed...



Normally we won't start working on our next season til atleast after
the first of the year, but this year...we have already started!

We have so many plans for 09' that are going to blow your mine!
Of course, we cannot tell you anything yet, but keep an eye
out for any hints or clues we may give you from
now til our opening day in 09' - OCTOBER 1st!

Lastly, keep a look out on our website and MySpace for updates!

Until next time, SCARE YA LATER!

P.S. - Who knows, maybe there was even a hint in this blog. (EVIL LAUGH)